Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cleaning Day Getaway

Today brings adventures with Mr. Mom. That's right. It's winter break and dad is off work! So, now that my mom is working full time again, he is the sole adult to entertain us children (for two weeks anyway). Because both of my parents work full time and we are not able to clean the house well enough to make her supremely happy (just a tiny bit of happiness reaches her soul when we clean), my mom decided to hire someone to clean the house. Every Thursday, a wonderful person comes to clean our house. I get home from school and everything is clean. It's pretty awesome. Since the cleaning lady came today, my dad decided we could get out of the house for a few hours. Keep in mind that this is the first time any of us have been out of the house (except quick grocery store trips) since the last day of finals, last Thursday. Anywhere would be better than being in our house.

Destination 1: McDonald's Drive-Through ( ... I mean, you are technically driving through it).
It's not even 10! Coffee Stop. Completely necessary.
Not that I got anything. I went prepared with my own tea (my favorite bagged tea (as opposed to loose leaf)).
By the way, did you know that there are breakfast meals, like McBagelsomethingorother with hash browns, that are 1,450 calories?!?! Crazay.

Destination 2 : The Chiropractor

Our second stop, very exciting. We got to sit in the waiting room and everything! They had some pretty good elevator music playing in there. After my dad's fifteen minute appointment, we were ready to go. On my way out, I noticed a funny quote. On the door it said ," Just for the health of it." Good one.

Destination 3: Bojangles

Refuel. Accidentally forgetting breakfast can do strange stuff to a girl.

Destination 4: Movie Theater

Near us, we have this movie theater that sells tickets for $1.75. It plays movies that just got out of the theaters. Not renting the movie, but you get to see it on a really big screen!

We saw Hotel Transylvania.
Now, before you start judging, I thought it was going to be weird at first. When I saw it, it was so cute!! I totally recommend it to anyone who doubts it.

Destination 5: Home

After our morning of fun (it is only 2ish when we get home), we finally go home. I walk in and the house looks like new! So, like any normal person, I made some tea,  went to my room, and made awesome things. Tomorrow I will post my awesome creations!! :)

By the way, starting tomorrow I will be posting using lots of pictures. I just needed to fix a camera glitch.

Goodnight my lovelies!!

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